Software license optimization is most commonly associated with reducing costs and maximizing the utilization of assets. However, there are several other benefits that are byproducts of license optimization. In this article, we will discuss 5 of these benefits.

1. Reduced Audit Risk

One benefits of software license optimization is that it can reduce the risk of audit penalties. For example, to optimize software licenses you need to first collect accurate software deployment data. Then, you need to compare that data against your entitlements. In doing so, you can easily identify areas of non-compliance and make the necessary changes before an audit.

2. Efficient Renewals 

Managing changes to vendor licensing, subscriptions, and pricing can be challenging. In addition, you have to manage changes to your own requirements. This can make enterprise agreement renewals painful. However, software license optimization requires you to stay up to date on the changes to vendor agreements. Subsequently, helping you prepare for your renewals. As a result, you can approach renewals with accuracy and expedite the process. 

3. Enhanced Security 

Software license optimization can help reduce your security vulnerability by providing an added layer of visibility into your software estate. With that, you can make sure the software you have installed is healthy and up to date. All of this puts your organization in a better position to prevent security breaches.  

4. Increased Leverage

Negotiating your software license agreements is challenging if you don’t understand the terms. However, you gain a deep understanding of your vendors agreements through the software license optimization process. As a result, you can leverage your understanding to your benefit in your next enterprise license negotiation. 

5. Increased Flexibility: 

It is important to build in as much flexibility as possible into your software license agreements. This is especially important for organizations with material expansions and contractions in licensing demand. Software license optimization helps you better understand what your software need and when. In effect, helping optimize your software estate so it can respond to changes in licensing demand.

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